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What is a one-page
scrolling website?

  • Fit. Often, a one-page scrolling website can be a perfect style for start-ups or small businesses with very little content to fill a larger traditional website of multiple pages.

  • Size. The one page scrolls down for about seven screen lengths, depending on the theme, content, cost, and other factors.

  • Design. The content and design can vary, but here's one example of possible screen sections: an opening screen (home), about-me (or what-is) section, contact form, map to locate your business, and possibly three topics (screens) describing various aspects of your business or talents.

  • Price. The average traditional multi-page website for a small business can run between $1,000 to $3,500 or more, depending on design and content, while the cost for a one-page scroller can be considerably less.

Click here to see a one-page
scroller built by WebShareholder
for AccountantsInAction.com
Why a one-page scroller?

  • Presence. The one-page scroller can provide you with a fast way to establish a presence on the web, build credibility, promote your brand, and increase your chances for generating leads.

  • Engagement. Depending on the design, a one-page scroller can also include calls-to-action (CTA), such as contact forms, buttons, and links — to engage your visitors faster. Furthermore, the who-what-why information can be reviewed by the visitor faster because it's all on one page.

  • Flexibility. You can use the feedback on the one-page scroller to review, revise and generate more detailed content to advance to a traditional, multiple-page website in the future, if you desire. So, whether you expand the website or not, in the meantime you have established a presence on the web.
A fast way to establish a presence
on the web
What is the first step
to creating a website?

    • First step. Getting a unique domain (also called a domain name) is your first official step toward the creation of your new website. You must have a domain to publish your website on the web.

    • Today! Most importantly, register that desired domain name for your website as soon as possible — it might not be available tomorrow!

    • Suitable. Pick a domain name that reflects the purpose of your business and the theme of your website.

    • Support. Feel free to contact WebShareholder. It's not always easy to find the domain desired. We'd be happy to help you—at no charge.

    Get your desired domain name today—tomorrow could be too late!
    When should I get
    my website built?

    • Now! Get with a trusted web designer now to create and publish your website asap.  

    • Why now? Google tends to rank more-established websites higher in the searches. So it helps to establish a long-standing presence on the web.

    • Contact. Give WebShareholder a call or request a call-back.  
    Call WebShareholder today at
    (248) 289-8898 — or —

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