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"I'm impressed. The work [by WebShareholder]
exceeded my expectations!" — Stephen S.

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Our Portfolio includes websites and document design for flyers, obituaries, brochures, proposals, résumés, and more.

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WebShareholder aims to build websites that are easy to navigate, well-written, and reflect your uniqueness. Check out the examples of our one-page scrolling website and multi-page sites.
Browse examples from our Regency Print Design services for various documents, such as flyers, newsletters, résumés, proposals, manuals, and brochures.
Let us ease some of your pain with a well-designed obituary (document or website) to honor your loved one. We now offer a special pandemic discount. Ask for details.
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Accountants In Action

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Check out our business document services
Ask about Regency print design services for your business needs

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Honor your loved one with a well-designed obituary
We design personal documents—résumés, invitations, obituaries, and more
We're never really prepared for the death of a loved one. But, in spite of the overwhelming grief and sorrow, we aim to focus on paying tribute and honor to the deceased, as well as supporting the family with compassion and respect.

Most sincerely, we thank the owners of these featured documents for allowing us to share them with you. To protect the privacy of the families, certain details are redacted (blocked).

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Please browse these real examples to get a glimpse of how our 20+ years experience in designing obituaries can help to honor your loved one, as well.

We offer obituaries in various page sizes, number of pages, and design layouts. For more information, call or request a call-back and ask about our special obit discount.

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Why get a website?
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